Happy Monday Everyone! As we continue to discuss human trafficking throughout December, I’d like to focus on prevention today. Sometimes, when we face such an enormous, global crisis, we are left feeling helpless. However, I want you to know there are tools available to you, to join the fight and keep individuals as safe as possible.

Stay Informed
It is nearly impossible to fight something you are not knowledgeable about. Take the time to learn about human trafficking, particularly in your local area, and participate in anti-trafficking events.

Be Bold
Write your local, state and federal government. Let them know you are against human trafficking and ask them what they are doing to combat the issue. If we remain silent, we cannot expect results. The more we speak out and take action, the greater the impact.

Offer Support
If you own a business, consider offering jobs to human trafficking survivors. You can also research religious institutions that are creating and implementing programs to fight human trafficking. Offer support by volunteering your time. Giving of your time and resources to anti-trafficking events and programs in your community makes a huge difference.

Ask Questions
It is OK to inquire about the purchases you are making. Ask large companies about how they source their products. As a consumer, you deserve to know! If the answer is not ethical, ask more questions and challenge these companies to reconsider how they operate and produce.

You have a voice. Your voice is louder than you know. If we all come together in courage, boldness, and determination, we can become a voice for those who have been silenced. Human trafficking is wrong and we do not have to tolerate it in our society! Let’s stand firm and stand strong until we see this unsavory business eradicated.

You are more powerful than you think. Use your power.

Be Well,